Artem Babayants两位创始人


 Artem Babayants是来自俄罗斯的年轻设计团队,他们致力于通过现代的设计手法,传递一种舒适,时尚的生活方式。他们的设计更多的关注居住的实质,以及人与空间的互动。。



宁静 交融 平衡

VILLA CYPRUS是一处海岛别墅,由Babayants Architects设计,该项目以“宁静的冥想”为主题,通过自然主义设计,营造远离城市喧嚣,安放心灵的冥想居所。

VILLA CYPRUS is an island villa designed by Babayants Architects, with the theme of "Peaceful Meditation". Through naturalistic design, it creates a meditation home that is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and can accommodate the soul.


The outdoors is filled with sunshine, air, and freedom. Panoramic glass, sand color palette, natural materials, and natural materials eliminate indoor and outdoor boundaries. The glass cube and the olive growing inside are the prototypes and pillars of the spatial concept.Metaphorical space coexists with nature.


Clean and rich, simple and luxurious, all opposites are balanced here, merging into a common feature: tranquility and simplicity。


The game of light and shadow is like the art in this project: gazing at the lines and reflections of sunlight is very interesting for shaping the architecture of space and changing the feeling of its form.